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Martin Fangl

Seewinkel, Burgenland

7163 Andau, Hansaggasse 67
T: +43 2176 38 88

The family business located in North Burgenland – directly en route to the "Brücke von Andau" – was taken over by Martin Fangl from his parents in 1989. The agricultural business has a long-standing record of successful vegetable production. Through the cultivation of several different test varieties, Martin Fangl has been able to achieve the best quality suitable for preservation: a gherkin that retains its crunch even after preservation.

Martin Fangl is one of Gurkenprinz Burgenland's Leading Business Partners. As such (and like his Lead Business Partner counterparts) his business model employs "integrated production". The raw produce for Gurkenprinz's fine delicacy is freshly harvested every day, with the harvest lasting from the middle/end of June to the end of August. The gherkins are sorted by size that same evening at the farm. Later that night, they arrive at Südobst's fruit and vegetable preservation facilities, keeping the time between harvesting and preservation to a minimum.


Johann Rohringer

Weinviertel, Lower Austria

2042 Guntersdorf, Grund 32
T: +43 2951 33 83

Johann Rohringer knows that the humus in the soil on his land can be optimised by vegetation. The results are evident in the uniform growth of subsequent crops. The Rohringer family focusses on root vegetable crops, a highly humus-depleting subsequent crop, which can be loosened by the vegetation plantations.

Ahead of potatoes and sugarbeet comes a coverage of greenery, but also prior to a malting barley crop. Johann Rohringer is glad of the diverse types of vegetation available, and selects the right one for each individual year according to the composition of the soil, the crop rotation, and the precipitation.

The agricultural farmer specialises in cultivating vegetables and potatoes, farming 120 hectares together with his family. Südobst Stegersbach acquires its beetroot from the Rohringer family, preserving the excellent raw produce as beetroot salad.


Johann und Johannes Kumbolder

Lower Austria

2440 Reisenberg, Heldenplatz 23
T: +43 664 401 05 99

Johann and Johannes Kumbolder operate a family agricultural business with direct marketing in the Lower Austria cole-growing region of Reisenberg-Seibersdorf. Over 20 years ago, the family began to specialise in the production of sour cabbage - kiseli kupus. A very traditional food in the Balkan regions, the delicacy is becoming increasingly popular in Austria.

The path from cabbage seeds to cabbage roulade is, however, a long one. The many steps of the process require significant manual work, only then can the high quality standards of the Kumbolds' cabbage be guaranteed. Südobst acquires freshly harvested cabbage from August to November.


Johann Wildt

Lower Austria

2444 Seibersdorf, Marktplatz 11
T: +43 2255 6440, +43 676 703 69 07

The Wildt family is in its third generation of farming grain, cabbage and pumpkins on its land in the Seibersdorf area. Over 40 years ago, Nora Wildt began selling farm-produced sauerkraut and eggs directly to customers. What began as a small operation, developed into a successful farm shop with a wide variety of quality local farm produce.

Südobst has found a competent and reliable partner in Johann Wildt and his family. The hand-harvested and freshly-cut cabbage is immediately preserved in Stegersbach.