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I have focussed on the local region for my line of organic preserves: the vegetable cultivation regions are mostly found in north Burgenland, whilst the beetroot is grown in south east Styria and Weinviertel. This means short transportation distances directly from the organic fields. All of my additional ingredients are also from Austria, and are cultivated in harmony with nature: for example the beet sugar and organic vinegar which I have chosen to refine these sour delicacies with. Incidentally, Austria is by far the European leader in organic agricultural farming, with 18.5 percent of cultivation areas being organic.

Organic Piccolo Gherkins

The piccolo gherkin, as its name suggests, is one of the smallest gherkins. The delicate pickling cucumbers are harvested only three days after flowering. A fine and mild spice works best with this delicate vegetable, and I refine them with only a little dill and onion. The piccolo gherkin's crunchiness just can't be beaten: my personal recommendation is to simply take a bite and savour.

Organic Gherkins

Gherkins are a classic pickled vegetable. In Austria, this variation is known as a vinegar gherkin or Essiggurkerl, with pickling cucumbers and vinegar as the main ingredients in each jar. A delicate mixture of herbs and spices including dill, onion, and mustard seeds is added. The young, crunchy gherkins work wonderfully with a variety of dishes thanks to their delicate aromatic spice. The slightly spiny organic variety I have sought out for this traditionally preserved gherkin, is called "Karaoke".

Organic Peppers, mild

These mild peppers from an organic farm in north Burgenland turn golden yellow, orange, and red at full maturity when they are harvested. In order to develop their full strength, I let them rest for a week before preserving them with great care. I add spirit vinegar, sugar, salt, and a handful of mustard seeds. The mild combination doesn't need much more to develop its flavour.

Organic Peppers, hot

My combination of different pepper varieties is truly hot and proves that "organic" has nothing to do with boring. Chilimix and Sarit Gat, a firm and bright yellow pointed fruit with a medium-hot to hot flavour, are the main varieties here. The marinade in the composition is of less importance as this fiery pepper combination is surprise enough for the palate. Whether eaten as a snack or used to season stews or spreads, the choice remains entirely up to those who enjoy them.

Organic Beetroot Salad

The beetroot has a high nutritional value, lots of vitamins, and only a few calories. This makes it a must for anyone who is health-conscious. The spherical fruits, with their intensive natural pigment Betanin, are harvested in south east Styria and Weinviertel as soon as they have acquired the optimal sugar content. Once arrived at my production, they are gently steamed and sliced in order to retain their nutritional content and colour. I refine them with a classic recipe of horseradish and caraway.