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Sour Specialities

The sour specialities are my culinary playground. It gives me great pleasure to demonstrate the wonderful taste of preserved vegetables, and how diverse and refined their preparation is. The basic ingredients for this product line come from those regions where they grow best. As the Gurkenprinz, I enjoy travelling to neighbouring and more exotic regions in search of the best produce. At the processing stage, I experiment with traditional recipes as well as new flavour concepts, or combine both to create delicious sour specialities.

Baby Corn

Corn cobs of this miniature size are hard to find in Europe, as the costs of early harvesting are so high. In this case, good advice was expensive. The sweet-floury, crunchy baby corns are carefully transported and delivered to me from the fields of Thailand. I refine them with peppercorns, a fine vinegar marinade, and herbs. The result is a favourite with children as finger food. In salads and Asian stir-fries they are a true culinary eye-catcher.

Mixed Pickles

My mixed pickles are very versatile and an ideal small snack to sample my sour pickled vegetable varieties: gherkins, sweet peppers, beans, carrots, silverskin onions, and baby corn can all be sampled from a single jar. The mixed pickles also demonstrate the hand craft of preserved vegetable production, as the varieties are individually layered into the jar by hand in a series of steps behind the scenes. And then there is the enticing visual feast of reds, greens, yellows, oranges, and whites, of which I am particularly proud.

Silverskin Onions

These silvery, slightly shimmering silverskin onions are a classic within my product range. Grown in beautiful Veneto, in the region to the south of Verona, the "Avis" and "Bombay" silverskin varieties grow so well in the Italian sun that very little additional work is required on my part. Only the right marinade makes it into the jar; add a few mustard seeds, and a wonderful sweet and sour flavour unfolds. Their uses are very diverse: they can be skewered or added to stews, chutneys, or sauces, eaten with a cheese sandwich, or mixed into salads.


In search of mushrooms that process well, I found what I was looking for in Poland. The quality of the humus there has been optimised, and mushrooms of up to 25mm find their way into my jars. Like the asparagus, the mushroom is a very delicate vegetable which I treat very carefully in order to retain its original flavour. I decided to add only a mild vinegar-brine marinade, and to season with mustard seeds and peppercorns. The flavour: sheer poetry!


There is a good deal of hard work behind these carefully filled jars of pickled onions. Marchfeld onions of this size do not usually make it into the market – they are simply too small. In the name of sustainability, however, I use them for my pickled onions. Cleaned, peeled, and blanched by hand. Here I have chosen an intensive flavour, created by the piquant vinegar content of the marinade. Salt and sugar intensify the basic flavour, a cherry pepper supplies the heat, and a splash of colour in the jar at the same time. In German these onions are known as 'snack onions" (Jausenzwiebel) although they are also wonderful stewed in hot and hearty dishes.


Where I come from in Burgenland, we say "it's garlicking" (Es knofelt) when a jar of pickled garlic is opened – and it truly is a very special and unique scent. In order to find a highly aromatic variety, I travelled to our neighbours in south Hungary – the Szeged region, to be more precise – where the masters of garlic growing live. Pickled in a fine marinade with a few strips of red pepper for visual balance, my garlic à la Gurkenprinz with its piquant spicy flavour is ready to be enjoyed.

Chilli Garlic

Chilli and garlic, how do they go together? you may ask. I have experimented a little and combined the aromatic Hungarian garlic with different chilli varieties in a piquant and spicy white wine vinegar marinade. The result is an exquisite flavour. The often unpleasant after-taste of fresh garlic simply doesn't occur with preserved garlic. Chilli garlic is wonderful for cooking and for snacks. Even those who previously only liked garlic for its health benefits, rather than for its flavour, are pleasantly surprised by this composition.