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Sweet, Mild, and Chilli Peppers

In 2005 I began to cultivate peppers over large areas in Seewinkel on Neusiedler See, where the higher temperatures of climate change can be felt. The Pannonian climate offers many hours of sunshine and provides ideal conditions for the cultivation of capsicums, the collective term for sweet peppers, mild peppers, and chilli peppers.

The endless fields of my farmers in Seewinkel are an exceptionally beautiful sight: at flowering time, when the white sepals bloom and the open-air cultivation fields vibrate with the buzzing of bees, and at harvesting time, when the heavily laden plants display the full glory of their red, green, and orange peppers.

Peppers, mild

The peppers I use for my mild pickled peppers are picked at optimum ripeness. They are harvested by hand, and placed into jars with great care by many busy hands at my production. A neutral marinade preserves these yellow peppers. The flavour of these delicately aromatic mild peppers is suitable for all ages.

Peppers, hot

The attractive and colourful composition of these pointed chillies immediately catches the eye. I use red and green varieties of these peppers, along with a yellow Santa Fe variety. What all three have in common is their natural spicy heat. The marinade not only preserves them but also, the primary goal of the craft of vegetable preservation, retains their firmness as a pleasure for the palate!

Krachpfefferoni Peppers

Krachpfefferoni is not a specific variety but rather the name for peppers I harvest three weeks later than usual. This means the peppers have enjoyed more hours of sunshine and are orange and red at the harvest. The krachpfefferoni's red therefore has nothing to do with spiciness; the flavour is actually rather mild. After harvesting, the vegetables are air dried for seven to ten days to remove their moisture, so that each individual spiral pepper can be placed into the jar by hand: every jar is unique!

Cherry Peppers, extra hot

My cherry peppers are very eye-catching with their strong, dark red colour, which also indicates their fiery hot aroma. After harvesting, the heart-cherry-shaped peppers xxxxxx are placed into jars. These round, medium-sized peppers look great as a spicy garnish on any buffet. Also very popular as a spice for exotic dishes.

Sweet Pepper Salad, spiced

The mild sweet pepper of the "Capia" variety is my starting product for the piquant-spicy sweet pepper salad. During production, the sweet pepper's seed core is removed and the remaining flesh of the vegetable is sliced into strips. Incidentally, the stems and stalks are kept for a special sustainability project, but I will tell you more about that elsewhere. The finely sliced sweet pepper salad is loved as a garnish or accompaniment to cold and hot dishes.

Sweet Peppers with Oil, sweet & sour

Don't worry, these sweet peppers are not swimming in oil, the marinade contains only a drop in order to moderate the remaining spiciness of this combination. Onion rings and a garlic clove are also involved in achieving the final sweet and sour flavour. This jar contains a colourful trilogy: yellowish-orange sweet apple peppers, and spicy apple peppers, with sweet red tomato peppers providing the finishing touch to this recipe.

Stuffed Sweet Peppers

The tried and tested sweet pepper trilogy from Seewinkel is also used for my stuffed sweet peppers. We remove the core by hand before stuffing the peppers with sauerkraut – fermented white cabbage – and adding herbs to give my spicy-aromatic stuffed sweet peppers that certain something. An ideal accompaniment to snacks and buffets.