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For hand picked vegetables of outstanding quality, and I'm referring not only to their taste and preparation but also to the shape and form of each individual pickling cucumber and pepper, I have created a special line of products with regional origins, and named it "Primeur": the best of the best. I use the finest cuvée white wine vinegar from an exquisite local producer as a marinade for these delicacies, and refine them with aromatic spice mixtures from around the world according to the ripeness and flavour of the freshly harvested produce.


Known in German as Gürkchen (mini gherkins), there is actually nothing minimal about these Gherkins. Instead, their name reflects their delicate appearance and flavour when harvested, just after flowering, in the fields of north Burgenland. Seasoned with the fresh, delicate, and sweet aromatic flavour of dill, and harmonised with the distinctive anise-like flavour of tarragon. We add the stark contrast of onion and sweet peppers, giving a piquant-aromatic note. Peppercorns strengthen the fiery zing of these freshly pickled gherkins.

Pepper Gherkins

My Primeur Pepper Gherkins contain a strong dose of spice, as is revealed by the first bite into these fine, delicate Majestosa gherkins, which are delivered to us fresh from the harvest in north Burgenland. The pepper bites back, but don't be put off – this popular spice also has warm and very aromatic qualities. The spiciness comes from a selection of whole peppercorns: black pepper supplies most of the intensity, whilst the more fruity notes of the white and green peppercorns round-off the blend.

Honey Gherkins, diced

For this delicacy I use large, fully ripened pickling cucumbers that are harvested in north Burgenland. They are transformed into Honey Gherkins by a refinement process whereby they are peeled and placed in mustard seeds to develop a mild bitter and spicy flavour, after which I add honey to infuse a mild sweetness that melts subtly on the palate. I can also reveal the origin of the golden yellow colour: turmeric, a mild and slightly bitter spice that completes the sweet and sour marinade perfectly.

Peppers, hot, extra fine

Yellowish-orange, berry-shaped peppers known as Chile-Classic and the bright red Santa Fee chilli peppers both exude a spicy heat craved by all lovers of moderately spicy food. There is no need to travel to South America to savour this mixture of peppers – these plants also flourish in north Burgenland. The combination leaves a lingering fiery-hot flavour at the back of the palate.

Peppers, mild. sweet & sour

This Primeur composition has only one disadvantage: the jar is empty all too quickly. The wonderfully colourful arrangement of oranges and yellowish-green spiral peppers tempts the taste buds. I dry this variety for one week immediately after the harvest in north Burgenland, before marinating in a mixture of garlic and tomato oil. Sweetness and spice blended with the finest vinegar produce a mouth-watering combination. Pluck a long, mild pepper out of the jar for a quick snack: delicious!

Baby Corn

Our baby corn is a firm favourite as a garnish, but also a popular choice as an accompaniment to cold buffets. As the corn variety Karin, these baby corns flourish in the neighbouring province of Styria, where they are known locally as Mini-Kukuruz (mini corn). The vegetables are peeled and cleaned by hand before being refined in a mild seasoning. Green pepper is the main seasoning ingredient – its fresh, fruity, and herbaceous flavour unfolds perfectly in combination with the sweet, fresh baby corn.

Peppers, hot, Santa Fee

The cone-shaped, pale green Sante Fee peppers are not to be underestimated: the content of this jar is a concentrated charge of the finest chilli pepper heat. Harvested in north Burgenland, these chillies are inherently fiery with a heat that spreads over the palate like a moderate inferno. Of the 1,000 different pepper varieties grown worldwide, this special variety is one of the relatively hot ones that still has plenty of flavour.

Mixed Sweet Peppers

For these sweet pickled peppers I have combined an exquisite trilogy of tomato peppers, apple peppers, and mild sweet peppers. All three flourish wonderfully beneath the north Burgenland sun, and are de-seeded and quartered immediately after harvesting, before being preserved as mouthwatering morsels. The colourful mixture is refined very classically: with onion and garlic for a strong and intense flavour, and with pepper for a lasting spiciness.

Beetroot Salad

The Boro beetroot variety, a classic winter vegetable with purple-red flesh, originates from the Weinviertel region. Traditional spices work best in this salad: caraway, Europe's oldest spice and a particular favourite in Austria for its bitter-spicy flavour, along with horseradish root, whose unique and intensive heat comes from its essential mustard oils. My crunchy, juicy, earthy-aromatic beetroot salad is accompanied by the finest culinary companions from the alpine republic.

Red Cabbage Salad

Red cabbage needs well-fertilised soil with plenty of moisture in order to flourish. Lower Austria provides just the right conditions. The secret to retaining the originally dark purple vegetable's delicate consistency, is to slice it finely and to blanch it for just the right amount of time. The vitamin-rich vegetable's colour comes from the spicy-aromatic acidity of the cuvée white wine vinegar marinade.

Primeur Asparagus Salad, extra fine

I use the finest white asparagus from neighbouring Lower Austria for our extra fine asparagus salad. In order to retain the crunchy bite of the asparagus stalks, the vegetable is processed very carefully and gently. Marinaded in a white wine vinegar stock and seasoned with a little sugar and salt to intensify the original flavours. My Primeur Asparagus Salad is popular as a finger food and is perfect for rolling with ham and for cold platters. The delicate individual asparagus tips are a particularly tasty treat.

Chilli-Spiced Gherkins


A simply excellent variation of the pickled gherkin. One wonders where the fiery after-taste comes from, and finds the answer in the orangey-red chilli that sits in the jar, imparting its strong, natural flavour to the gherkins, and becoming milder as it absorbs their flavour in turn. Chilli, mustard seeds, and dill are then added, along with onion and pepper, giving the marinade a bold and rounded spiciness.

Pepper Mix, hot, extra fine

This colourful pepper mixture is a feast for the eyes that should be enjoyed before savouring the taste – I have combined varieties of extra-fine peppers that flourish in north Burgenland: the yellows and oranges in the jar are cherry peppers, the fiery-reds a piri-piri variety, and the greens belong to the cayenne chilli family. All three have one thing in common: they are extremely hot! The chilli gets its heat from capsaicin, a substance with many positive health attributes and which can be found in each individual chilli in the jar, guaranteed.