The Story
of the Gurkenprinz

The Gurkenprinz spent many years searching for paradise. He dreamed of a land where the sun would vigorously warm the soil and awaken the zest for life in humankind. Where the rain would bring about lush greenery so that crops would enjoy the very best of nurture.

When his journey finally led him to Burgenland, he knew immediately: this was his destination. Sun and clouds nodded and magically created a rainbow. Then the Gurkenprinz went to work. The chilli peppers peered curiously out of their house of leaves in the soil, the red, pungent ones giggling with particular cheekiness. The Gurkenprinz picked them carefully, just like the little gherkins that were growing so briskly as if they were competing with each other.

He filled the little treasures into jars and sealed them with pretty lids. Before doing so, the Gurkenprinz added natural ingredients, which he himself had gathered from the herb garden and which he had carefully marinated in order to bestow the unmistakable flavour on the exquisite fruits. Full of pride, the Gurkenprinz contemplated the jars containing the subtly savoury and fierily spicy delicacies. Each one a greeting from paradise.

From the Region.
For the Whole of Austria!

Südobst Stegersbach is the company behind the Gurkenprinz brand, a company that has been deeply rooted in the region for decades. It has always been a specialist in the production of fine pickled vegetable delicacies, which today thanks to our distribution partners are available throughout Austria and beyond. Behind the success are many years of cooperation and friendly relationships with regional farmers.

Connected to our Homeland.
Committed to our Values.

Openness and transparency as well as the highest possible quality of our products are our top priorities. Carefully cultivated basic products, which are always harvested at the optimum level of ripeness, are the very foundation of the refinement process. The careful processing is carried out according to recipes that are constantly being refined, but always retain the originality of the products. A particularly strong and close partnership with around 15 agricultural partners from Burgenland guarantees quality assurance and the ability to plan for the long term.

For an Economy
that thinks of Everyone.

Family-like interaction with our partners and employees has always been at the heart of our corporate philosophy. We are deeply convinced that only an economy that is based on equal appreciation of all parties involved – from the producer to the processor to the distribution partner and consumer – is a “humane” economy. This is what we live and work for.

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